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An unrivaled 33-year track record of funded and recovered claims throughout the world makes us a formidable ally and an innovative and reliable partner for individuals, companies and professional advisers seeking strategic finance solutions.

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This includes:

  • funding and managing disputes involving commercial, antitrust, intellectual property, arbitration, whistleblower, bankruptcy, securities and multi-party claim
  • funding and managing the enforcement and monetization of judgments and awards globally (including against sovereign debtors)
  • enforcement of non-performing bank loans and subrogation claims of insurance companies

Benefit from Global Scale and Local Understanding

Access Cross-Practice Specialisation

We understand local markets and can assist with complex domestic and cross-border disputes.

Together, we draw on an unparalleled global network of relationships in law, finance, intelligence, insurance and other industries.

2019 Merger

In November 2019, IMF Bentham and Omni Bridgeway merged, forming a partnership built on complementary strengths, a shared history of pioneering leadership and a commitment to excellence.

Known as a leading pioneer of litigation financing since 2001, IMF Bentham has played a significant role in creating the global industry via its international expansion in the US, Canada, Asia and Europe.

Founded in the Netherlands in 1986, Omni Bridgeway is known as a leading financier of high-value claims and global specialist in cross-border enforcement against sovereign governments.

ROLAND ProzessFinanz AG has been providing commercial litigation funding solutions since 2001. The company became part of Omni Bridgeway in mid-2017, creating continental Europe’s leading litigation funder.